Protect your copyrights

eAuteur allows you to prove ownership of your works and to deter plagiarism.

  • Instant protections
  • High-end security
  • International copyright
eAuteur's competitive pricing lets me protect not only my books but any text that I publish on the web.
I am all but satisfied as this was very easy and the team was prompt to reply to all of my questions!
We are an indie band and we use eAuteur to protect all of our new material.
eAuteur has earned my business with the quality of their customer support, especially when it came to legal questions.
Congratulations on the quality of your service — we will definitely let others know about this!
Thanks for this offering without which young writers would be wary of publishing their works on the web!
After finding a copy of one of our blog posts on a "bigger" website, we followed the advise of the eAuteur representative, and the plagiarists removed the duplicate content within moments.

Strong legal evidence

eAuteur has earned the trust of lawyers specialized in Intellectual Property by implementing the most stringent European standards — which also comply with US standards.

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The eAuteur protection

eAuteur not only provides you with strong digital evidence, but also with tools to assert your copyrights on the web: a copyright web page, the eAuteur digital seal, and complimentary litigation support.

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Business solutions

Are your employees or your clients creative types? Let them protect their works with eAuteur! Get in touch to learn more about our enterprise price plans or to become a business affiliate.

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